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Get more good out of life with therapy.

I've done the work. Now is the time for you to do yours. Become the EPIC new you and learn how to lead with EMPOWERMENT, PERSPECTIVE, INSIGHT, and CHANGE.

Natalie Thomas, LCSW in Louisiana and Virginia


This is not your mama's therapy practice. I hold space to escape the boundaries of conformity and formality. You show up with dedication and commitment. I'll bring my expertise to our work together. 

Everyone deserves to feel seen, heard, and supported. I know how, over time, those feelings and the people who provided them can vanish from your life. I also know how, for some, those feelings never existed. I've been a licensed mental health clinician for more than 17 years. I've worked as a therapist treating serious mental illness in a high-volume public mental health clinic, a HIV social service program, and a psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents. I've been a clinical supervisor for social workers seeking the oversight needed to practice independently, and I started providing consulting services for mental health businesses in 2016. When I say I know, you can trust that I get it. Let my experience boost your healing journey. 
I deliver a range of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, trauma-informed therapy, and mindfulness-based therapy, all designed to help you navigate life's challenges confidently and resiliently. I offer flexible scheduling and teletherapy designed so that you can prioritize your mental health without adding to your distress. 


I can help you obtain mastery of your life by developing skills that lead to long-term solutions and change. When life gets tricky, you can feel seen, heard, and supported here at Thought LAB Therapy. Come as you are. Leave as a better version of yourself.

Thought LAB Therapy


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